What’s Next KC is a single series of Kansas City artists released by KC-based label, The Record Machine. The annual series of singles are recorded mostly live at Massive Sound Studios with Paul Malinowski. In today’s recording world so many bands rarely get to hear a reflection of what they sound like live in a real recording studio setting.

One of the goals when we started The Record Machine was to create a home for the music we loved from our hometown. The series hopes to annually promote a handful of KC artists that we are excited about.

We also come to together annually with our friends at Mid-Continent Public Library to do an event to celebrate and release the series.


2019 Series

nublvckcity album art.jpg

Released: July 12, 2019

Hailing from Kansas City, NuBlvckCity’s genre-bending Jazz influence, on top of neo-soul vocals, storytelling lyrics, the bounce of funk, and electric performance is a blend of music that can’t be contained to any one thing. The collective pulls from various sounds to create something you may have never heard before. Through custom curated set’s, the range of NuBlvckCity’s vibe will have you dancing and joining in on their catchy hooks while appreciating the depth of their art via colorful soul ballads and narratives.

  1. All Night

  2. Alive

the moose.jpg

The Moose
Released: July 12, 2019

The Moose began as a psychedelic, neo-rock band in the summer of 2016. The three band founders, Tyler Frey (guitar and vocals), Alex Huffman (bass and vocals) and Jake Hilger (keyboard, synths, guitar and vocals), humored the idea after a choir show at their high school just outside of Kansas City, Missouri. Their plan went into full effect after the addition of Emma Klein (percussion and vocals) and Parker Tozier (lead guitar and vocals). The group built their headquaters in Klein’s basement, hiding the cement walls with posters of their influencers: The Beatles, Tame Impala, and Electric Light Orchestra; and textile sheets separating their studio from their main base.

  1. Exclusive

  2. Everyday Low Price

Coming Soon

Hi-Lux and Rachel Mallin & The Wild Type

2018 Series


Y god Y
Released July 28, 2018

Y god Y is a duo from Lawrence Kansas that formed in the summer of 2017. The project consists of producer Joel Martin and singer / multi-instrumentalist, Garrett Marsh. The two write, record and produce their music entirely on their own. Their sound maintains an electro pop feel with modern R&B influences.

1. All Day
2. Hey


Pageant Boys
Released July 28, 2018

On what was originally slated to be a short trip to Istanbul, Alex Sheppard started recording music with his girlfriend’s laptop and a bluetooth headphone mic. None of Sheppard’s previous musical efforts incorporated electronics in a major way; “It was born of necessity,” says Sheppard.  The songs are a sensual and almost effervescent approach that combine R&B elements with electronic and processed instrumentation.

1. Heaven or Hell
2. For A Moment


Instant Karma
Released July 28, 2018

Instant Karma! is a 4 piece psych/soul rock band from Kansas City, MO. Their influences range from The Black Keys to Syl Johnson to the Wu Tang Clan, if they all went out to the desert and dropped acid. They have been described as "a drug trip through the soul section of your local record store."

1. You Belong To Me
2. Everywhere I Go

Chloe jacobson what's next cover 2.jpg

Chloe Jacobson
Released May 18, 2018

Chloe Jacobson is a singer-songwriter residing in Kansas City, MO. A frequent contributor to the KC music scene, her soulful, bluesy vocals are colored with the unique pop cadence of aughts-era emo.

1. Swan Song
2. Spain

belle and the vertigo waves what's next cover 2 copy.jpg
jake wells whats next.jpg

Belle & The Vertigo Waves
Released: May 18, 2018

Belle and The Vertigo Waves is the sonic brainchild of Belle Loux. She resides in Kansas City, MO, and is slowly attempting world domination.


1. Verified
2. New York Letter


Jake Wells
Released May 18, 2018

Jake Wells is mellow and introspective, evoking an emotional maturity much deeper than his age would imply. He was recently named one of Spotify's Top 20 Viral Artists in the US.

1. Honestly/Girls
2. Spiral