Garage-a-delic indie rock band Westerners hail from midwest lo-fi mecca Lawrence, KS. Childhood friends Mitchell Hewlett and Josh Hartranft both have east coast roots intertwined with a midwestern upbringing. After an arbitrary move to a pleasurable purgatory in nowhere Kansas, the band's music was fabricated in a smokey haze of distraction and isolation.

Proud of their creations, they immediately took to the road to start cultivating new friends and fans. Fast forward a few years and the lineup has settled into a 4-piece rounded out by Matthew Pelsma and Gerardo Rojas and has performed hundreds of highly dynamic, high energy shows, picking up several noteworthy opening slots. They seamlessly mesh beautiful vocal harmonies with raw indie rock that transcends genre while simultaneously tipping the hat to alt heroes of decades past. The lyricism is drenched in candid personal experience that desperately conveys the enormity of the little things in life. Since 2015, the band has been holding us in anticipation for the debut full length, Reoccurring Dream Theme. 

In true radical unprofessionalism, the full length came together in a home studio that was fashioned in what they can only describe as an old, grizzled goat coop, endearingly referred to as the Audio Coop. The album was mixed by Paul Malinowski(of Shiner fame) at Massive Sound, just outside of Kansas City, and mastered by Mike Nolte who has worked with notable groups such as Of Montreal, STRFKR, Shiner, and many more. With the album coming just around the corner, the band will be taking the songs on the road to support the release. Keep a lookout for Reoccurring Dream Theme on July 14 on KC based label The Record Machine.


Westerners RDT cover 1 (3).jpg

Reoccurring Dream Theme

Release Date: July 14, 2017

1. Wasn't In My Right Mind
2. Dog Years
3. Half Day At A Time
4. Portmanteau
5. Often Drunk
6. Tetris
7. Ugly Girls in Pretty Shoes
8. Episode
9. Reoccurring Dream interlude
10. Car Sleeper           

Tetris B/W Dog Years

Release Date: September 11, 2015

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1. Tetris
2. Dog Years