Spooky Wilson’s bedroom pop songs take you on a trip through the difficult journey of starting over.

His own journey began among the Redwoods, where he fell in love with music like most kids—on those first long car rides with his parents. When his dad could no longer stand the sound of children’s music on a drive through the California Redwood Forest, his mom rummaged through the console and pulled out a cassette: The Beatles’ Rubber Soul. Spooky was hooked and, just like his mother, he relied on music as a refuge.

He would need music most after his mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. When she died after a 10-year struggle, Spooky struggled to properly memorialize her beautiful philosophy and the abyss her passing left in his life. In those months of mourning, and through poring over his mother’s diaries, he realized the best way to carry on her legacy was in pursuing their shared passion for music.

Unsure how to shake his anxiety, Spooky sought refuge in a familiar place – the piano – and tinkered out a few chords. These notes were the genesis of a two-year writing spree, culminating in his debut EP, Keep Feeding Each Other. The EP combines traditional songwriting with organic sounds and electronics, blending 808s with orchestras and hi-hats with his harmonies.

After a year of writing in his bedroom, at work, and on the subway, Spooky brought his demos to Jay Rothman at Mirrortone Studios in New York. Through hours of experimentation, Spooky and Jay were able to combine, unlike genres into a unique blend of modern and traditional. When all was said and done, Spooky had an EP that chronicles the difficult journey of starting over. Like any metamorphosis, the unknown can be painful, but it can also be healing.

Keep your eyes out and ears peeled for the rest of Spooky’s journey as he drops singles from Keep Feeding Each Other all summer long on The Record Machine.


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Spooky Wilson

  1. Flame

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Spooky Wilson
Ho Hey

  1. Ho Hey