Born of a twelve-year labor of heartache and love, Soft Reeds is the brainchild of Ben Grimes (formerly of Astralwerks’ The Golden Republic), a Chicago native whose roots grip firmly in the ’77 Berlin sounds of Brian Eno, David Bowie and Iggy Pop, while embracing the ethos and attack of early American and English indie rock.

 The band features a diverse group of players, anchored by the rhythm section of drummer Josh Wiedenfeld, an Austin, TX native who also moonlights as a producer and arranger, and bassist Beckie Trost, a fellow Chicagoan and childhood friend of Grimes. Filling out their sound on guitar, saxophone, keys and whatever else needs playing is Kansas City native John Mitchell. Together, they fashion a wall of sound that resonates behind Grimes’ signature vocals, which are often compared to the likes of Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music) and David Bowie, yet manage to stand uniquely apart.

In April 2013, Soft Reeds released their sophomore album, Blank City through Kansas City label, The Record Machine.


Soft Reeds
Blank City

Soft Reeds - Blank City LP
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April 23, 2013

  1. 17

  2. Pregnant Actress

  3. Nothing Changes

  4. Funky Friends Breathe, Ok?

  5. Supper + Knives

  6. Hospitality

  7. Moving in Time

  8. Stranded

  9. Funny Patterns

  10. A Casual Waste of Time

  11. A Hysterical Woman

Soft Reeds

Soft Reeds + Minden 7"
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October 2011

  1. Soft Reeds – Magic

  2. Minden – Get Clean

Soft Reeds
Soft Reeds Are Bastards

Soft Reeds - Soft Reeds Are Bastards CD
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July 20, 2010

  1. Brave New World

  2. This Affair

  3. The City & the Stars

  4. Hemel Dalingen

  5. The Sirens of Titan

  6. Bleeding Hearts

  7. Thick of Thin Things

  8. Wasted Time

  9. Bastards

  10. Despite Straight Lines