The name Perhapsy comes from an E E Cummings’s poem entitled “warped this perhapsy.” The particular poem is somewhat disjointed and filled with words that end abruptly, run together, and letters that capitalize at random intervals. Listening to the self-titled debut of Perhapsy, one could draw comparisons to Cummings’s poetic stylings. The short, mostly instrumental songs bring to life a genre filled with run-on fragments and songs layered by guitar harmonies —often quick in pace yet also cyclical in form and structure.

Rarely do debuts like this evoke so much hope, but of course this isn’t Derek Barber’s first project. 

After spending several years playing guitar in The Winston Jazz Routine and Every Gentle Air, Barber continued writing and playing shows with a revolving cast in Ann Arbor, MI while persuing dual degrees in jazz guitar and English.After wrapping up his degree in music, he felt it was time to properly document the songs — booking studio time in the hometown of Mansfield, Ohio with the goal of making the very first record for Perhapsy (with the help of some old friends). Currently Barber is putting together a new cast in his new home of Nashville, TN. Where he hopes to start playing live shows and go on to support the debut.



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June 16, 2009

  1. Monterey, 1997
  2. The Elephant Vanishes
  3. The Balanced Equation Of Professor Nickels
  4. Bow Song
  5. Swanni
  6. Injera
  7. Indianapolis, IN
  8. You Can’t Go Back