We sound like your childhood. Palace plays like an indie band on their way to Broadway” says KDHX 88.1 contributor Matt Stuttler. Their bombastic approach to pop music has awoken the Saint Louis music culture.

Honing in on the past has been pinnacle to the foundation of the Palace sound. Blame it on their parents, too many strolls through the grocery store, or a cassette tape of the American Graffiti soundtrack, Palace has recycled the 60?s pop world and modernized it.

 Matthew James (singer/songwriter) and Danny James (drummer) (brothers by nature) (roommates by obligation) moved from De Soto, a small Missouri town to Saint Louis in 2009 to pursue music and to pursue not living with their parents. Semi-culture shock, dance club confusion, 

homesickness and nostalgia played the crucial roles in Matthew James’ song-writing content. Adding on power house vocalist Jamie Finch and piano virtuoso Sydney Scott in the summer of 2010 began the formation of the Palace sound. Championing the local music scene with its theatrical, all in performances, and self-titled ep gave Palace regional exposure it very well needed.

Recently the band turned two, and baby Palace is starting to look like a grown up. Signing with label The Record Machine, scheduled festivals in K.C. (Middle of the Map Festival) Austin (SXSW) and Full length album due out in early summer 2013. Palace will find its way into your ears and hopefully your heart and or soul


Summer Don’t You Dare

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July 30, 2013

  1. Treetop Lover
  2. Callin’ It Quits
  3. You Want More
  4. Waterbed
  5. Weight of the World
  6. Neighborhood Kid
  7. I’m Still Learning
  8. Show & Tell
  9. Summer, Don’t You Dare