After spending several years on the road singer/songwriter Casey Burge retreated from music to work on farms in the east and west of the country. He returned to his hometown of Kansas City at the end of 2010 to pursue his new band Minden. He recruited longtime friends and musical veterans Ryan Johnson (drums), Evan Houston (bass), and James Taylor (guitar) to help him realize his swollen catalog of songs. Minden quickly worked out a set and began booking performances immediately. Existing outside of fresh and cleverly-named genres, Minden plays pop music, the classic art of creating songs that are interesting and relatable.

During a fertile two-week period in February 2011, Burge wrote and recorded demos for several new songs. Two songs from these sessions were brought into the studio with the full-band in March, resulting in a forthcoming 7″ single on hometown label The Record Machine. With the release of their debut 7″ Minden plans to hit the ground running and will be on tour regionally this summer.


Swift Way On

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June 21, 2011

  1. Swift Way On
  2. Shine The Trophy Up

Soft Reeds


October 2011

  1. Soft Reeds – Magic
  2. Minden – Get Clean