Over the last few years Max Justus has been cooking up his own brand of dance and electronic grooves. Max has been expanding his signature grooves and brooding electronic tones to focuses more on vocal approach and songwriting. Max’s first few albums were primarily instrumental affairs while his third album, Mercy finds him lending his voice to bolster his compositions. Mercy still retains a few pop gems and dance hall grooves but the overall tone of the album is more dark and foreboding then his previous works. 

Growing up, Max heard stories of his father playing in the eighties and nineties new wave band Servant.  It even inspired Max to learn every angle of production for his own albums.

Since age fifteen Max has been working on various projects in his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin when he released his first album and opening for illustrious artists Tortoise, Daniel Lanios (solo artist and producer of bands ranging from U2 to Bob Dylan), and Bob Mould of Husker Du. At nineteen he moved to Kansas City, Missouri where he now resides completing two albums, Ophelia and Talk to Strangers , which are only available digitally on Myspace. At twenty-one Max released his first record with Kansas City based label The Record Machine entitled Five Leaping Leopards to much critical sucuess. He has also completed remixes of Kanye West, C & C Music Factory, and Rainbow Arabia.


Max Justus
Signs and Wonders

October 31, 2011

  1. Flesh

  2. Why Say Why Do

  3. Always Glistening

  4. DOA

Max Justus

March 08, 2011

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  1. Mercy

  2. Please Please Please

  3. Asid

  4. Winner

  5. Whatsss

  6. Hover Car

  7. Burn

  8. Hanalulu

  9. Information

  10. Hi

  11. Tilt

  12. Guard

Max Justus
No Mercy

July 14, 2009

Max Justus - No Mercy CD
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  1. Zip

  2. Thrash the System

  3. Don’t Bury It

  4. Four

  5. Jamz

  6. The Thrill

  7. Step Down

  8. Sweat

  9. Grab You By the Shoes

  10. Stop Complaining

  11. Bending Space and Time

Max Justus
No Mercy

October 21, 2008

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  1. One Alaskan Summer

  2. Two Dodgy Dodges

  3. Three Radiant Rubies

  4. Four Tiny Troubles

  5. Lip

  6. Dread

  7. Seven

  8. Altered Beast

  9. Nine Tiny Tarantulas

  10. Five Leaping Leopards

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