Get lost in the new single from The Fey

Lost in my Head art pre-save.jpg

“Picture a gorgeous weekend evening in Los Angeles… The year is 1982. Nightlife, music, fashion… parties, drugs, and women. L.A. is moving excitingly fast. The culture, the energy, the rush of blood one gets from cruising down Santa Monica. After an intense night in the city, it’s time to head north towards the desert. Open road, beautiful scenery. The whiskey begins to take its toll, and life’s trials and tribulations consume your psyche. It’s you, the boys, and a few free spirited sweethearts soaring into the sunset. That’s the scenery, the vibe, of our new single “Lost In My Head”, as well as the upcoming EP, Palm Tree Shade.”

Lost In My Head and the EP Palm Tree Shade was composed straight from the personal journal of front man/lead singer Zach Watkins. Watkins started writing this record prior to producing this EP with the band. Intense struggles with relationships, artistic position, and overall purpose in life caused a state of depression. Yet, no one would have ever known the man behind a frequent smile was beginning to break. That’s the irony of this records lyricism and upbeat “dance-like” instrumental.

To top it off, in the process producing/recording the record, Watkins receives news that his cousin has committed suicide. It was then Watkins really begin to truly accept depression. But with a child on the way, and a handful of dependents, he realized the necessity of turning the negative into positive. Watkins dedicates “Lost In My Head” to his cousin Avery Watkins and his family. Life’s rollercoaster can be both a true tragic to some and beautiful ride for others, but the state of ones mental health should always be acknowledged. 

“Lost In My Head” comes out August 2 and is part of the upcoming Palm Tree Shade EP from The Fey that will release in 2020 on KC based label, The Record Machine.

Nathan Reusch