Coby and the Prisoners releases new single Street To the Door

American folk rock band Coby and The Prisoners today released their new single “Street to the Door” via Kansas City’s veteran indie label The Record Machine. The single was recorded at frontman Coby Hartzler’s new studio Wood House Recording and was mixed and mastered by Tyler Watkins (Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s).

Street to the Door is a longing for a time in the past. For me, it was a venue/art space some friends and I created in our small town.  Some days it was just our home.  But other days it was a dance hall, a movie theater, a venue for our favorite bands, a spot for drifters, whatever we wanted it to be.  You could get off work and exit the real world and enter another one.  One that was built to let us be whatever we wanted.  It was our own world in our small town.  An escape.  Like everything, it couldn’t last forever, but my fondness for that time and that place only grows.

Coby and the Prisoners began in 2012 during a transition between projects for songwriter and founder Coby Hartzler. Before striking it out solo Hartzler co-fronted the band State Bird. Being raised in a fairly conservative, small town with religion starkly at the focus, Hartzler’s music consistently questions the ideas and principles he was fed growing up.

Nathan Reusch