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First and foremost, we love music. This kind, that kind, any kind of music, really. We listen to music constantly. It’s our passion. And we wanted to create a compilation of artists that inspire and hopefully introduce you to some new music that ignites the same sort of passion in you that it does us.

One of the goals when we started The Record Machine, was to create a home for the music we love and help it find its way to listeners’ ears. Since the beginning, we have always released music from bands that we love.

The problem: there are so many more artists that make music we love. The door opened even further when we started curating Ink’s Middle of the Map Fest. We got to include everyone from the well-known to the emerging to the underground.

With this in mind, we wanted to start a new compilation series that we have entitled How To Keep Dreaming. Music is something that we find inspiring, powerful, moving. Our dreams are made of music. These songs provide a context for what we are currently listening to, loving, and what we hope you find personally inspiring.



All proceeds go to our friends at Midwest Music Foundation