Beau Jennings can’t decide which is more important his day job as an architect or his real job as the singer and songwriter for his band Cheyenne. Or maybe he shouldn’t have to.The songs on Cheyenne’s debut album I Am Haunted, I Am Alive reflect the same structural integrity of a good building by laying a foundation of solid songwriting, adding support with strong melodies, and finally adorning with beautiful and intricate instrumentation.Produced by Chad Copelin (The New Amsterdams, Umbrellas) and James McAllister (Ester Drang, Pedro The Lion, Sufjan Stevens), Haunted is the result of a yearlong collaboration between Beau and some of his closest and most talented friends. But there are stories beneath the music, and the album’s landscape is populated by characters whose tales are weaved into modern folk songs; car crashes, tidal waves, and blackouts combine with trips to the grocery store and vacations on the beach to form the terrain of each narrator’s spiritual journey.

Cheyenne began in 2003 as a bedroom project in Oklahoma when Beau enlisted his good friends in the band

Ester Drang to help record his first batch of songs. The result was the You Talk Like You’ve Seen A Ghost EP, soon followed by shows throughout the Midwest and with varying lineups. Cheyenne has since built a reputation of performing an ever-changing live show, whether it be solo or as a production with up to eight musicians on stage at once, always debuting new songs and guest musicians.Since its 2005 release on Kansas City’s independent label The Record Machine, Cheyenne has promoted I Am Haunted, I Am Alive with performances throughout U.S., including dates with Starlight Mints, John Vanderslice, Sebadoh, Danielson, and Magnolia Electric Co. Having relocated from Oklahoma to Brooklyn, Cheyenne’s live show has taken advantage of its new neighbors and continues to feature an ever-revolving cast of musicians, including members of Fruit Bats and the Starlight Mints. The current live line up includes Beau Jennings (guitar, vocals) Heath Fisher (drums,vocals), Rob Stephenson (banjo, pedal steel), and Ben Shelton (piano, vocals).


I Am Haunted, I Am Alive

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January 01, 2005

  1. You Were the Sound
  2. Houses
  3. I Learned About Drugs From A Text Book
  4. Say The Answer Slowly
  5. Like Soldiers in the Civil War
  6. Boats & Black Waves
  7. Anymore
  8. A Long While
  9. That Word Long Written Down
  10. The Prose and Not the Poetry
  11. The Virginian (Or What Happened After The Wreck Of Old ’97)
  12. Believe and Escape