Capybara is bent on making authentic music in spite of the odds.

In the first few weeks of 2009, four lifelong friends slipped jobs and leases in Portland, Brooklyn, and Kansas City to form a band in a frozen pueblo in Taos, New Mexico. The result was Try Brother, the group’s delicate, introspective debut that propelled a breakneck three-month, 44-city tour later that year.

Suddenly, the Kansas City quartet was flooded with opportunity: A nod on Spike Jonze’s official mixtape for Where the Wild Things Are; an invitation to compose the feature-length soundtrack for Sundance 2010 pick One Too Many Mornings; a rewarding run on Kickstarter, and the honor of backing legendary cult songwriter Daniel Johnston 

at the inaugural Middle of the Map festival in Kansas City. With a litany of accomplishments behind them and their eyes (and hearts) set on the future, Capybara is bringing its lush creative process to new heights.

On February 7th 2011, Capybara will release its sophomore album, Dave Drusky. It’s a very accessible and human record – an intersection of the warm and familiar, and the quirky and unpredictable. The gents of Capybara — Mark Harrison, Jared Horne, Darin Seal, and Joel Wrolstad — craft their art with wit and sunshine, illuminating a sound that’s both simple and catchy, conceptualized and personal. Wrolstad’s lead vocals are brutally honest, while song narratives take gentle turns for the unexpected. Some songs on Dave Drusky ebb and flow, but others will linger long after the song – and the album — is over.


Dave Drusky

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February 6, 2012

  1. Late Night Bikes
  2. Rain Apollo Trees
  3. Neighbor Crimes
  4. Pierre Bensusan
  5. Wild
  6. Bill Dabbler, Lorn Line
  7. Ruby Eyelids
  8. Kimberly Lydell
  9. Vandals
  10. Leaflet

Try Brother

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September 1, 2009

  1. The Wimp
  2. Hello City Glow
  3. Cutaway Kid
  4. San Francisco, 1906
  5. Soft
  6. Happiness / Let Child Roam
  7. Magpies
  8. Dynamite Dare
  9. Birthday Song for Bridgegirl
  10. Waves In the Wire