Sound Machine Interview: Momma's Boy


Who are the members of Momma’s Boy and when did the band come together?

Shaun Crowley, Peter Beaty, Jared Bajkowski, and Quinn Hernandez. Jared joined the band in early October, but the rest of us have been playing since January.

Why did you choose Momma’s Boy as your band name, and does that name carry any significance or symbolism?

It kind of just started as a joke. One of us threw it out as a bad idea and two of us actually liked it and it ended up sticking.

Pretend you work in a record store(oh wait) and a customer comes in asking for recommendations. What would that customer have to ask for that would cause you to pick up a Momma’s Boy record?

Probably anything that would be garage or indie rock. Anything from Twin Peaks to Surfer Blood

Without throwing anyone under the bus, what’s been the strangest show you’ve ever played?

The strangest one we’ve probably ever played was a high school dance for some cash. We’ve also played a show as a sack lunch in basement.

Describe your sound in three words.

Mad decent jamz

What is the next big thing for Momma’s Boy?

We’ve been in studio and are getting ready to release our debut EP “Liquid Courage” this spring

Momma’s Boy is is sculpting a Mt. Rushmore of their most influential people. What four faces do you carve?

Mac Demarco. Frank Ocean. Thom Yorke. Julian Casablancas

Momma’s Boy is in charge of making a three-song mixtape to send into outer-space. What three songs make the cut?

“Ode to Viceroy”-Mac Demarco. “Maggot Brain”- Funkadelic. “Reckonor”- Radiohead

If Momma’s Boy had it’s own cooking show, what would it be called?

Getting Baked With Mom

If you were a holiday present underneath the tree what would you be?

Six pack of Miller High Life with one missing and poorly wrapped

Momma's Boy play Sound Machine 003 on Friday 12/23 at Record Bar. 


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